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Welcome to our website

        We are TK Gallery. This is our official website. Browse our gallery of paintings. If you are interested in purchasing a specific painting, we will advise you regarding price of the painting in your currency  including packing, trans sport costs and insurance, but excluding customs duty in  your county. You may then transfer the agreed amount to our bank account, and we will ship the artworks to you with freight details.  You may also buy a painting using the instructions “How to buy”.

If you live in Thailand or are visiting Phuket-come & see us art IN PERSON at TK Gallery. If you are interested in purchasing a specific painting E-Mail us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Certiftcate of Authenticity

        All paintings you will buy in TK Gallery have original Certificate of Authenticity signed by author. This is guaranty of quality of all art works in our Gallery. Buying paintings you also get the Certificate


I have a small mailing list where I update my fans & friends when I have news & info about personal appearances, show schedules, conventions, and when I have new artwork available - if you are interested, you can join by entering your email address below.

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